Me and this blog

If I made one big discovery about travelling, it’s probably this: wherever I travel, I make a point of learning the word for “thanks” in the language of the country I go to. Any conversation you might have in a foreign country, as complicated as it may have been, ends on a good note if you smile and say “thank you” in the language of the person you’ve been talking to. “Thanks” is a word you need all the time, in a grocery store, in a restaurant or when someone holds the door for you. I actually think it’s pretty ignorant if you’ve been in a foreign country for several days and still don’t know their word for “thank you”.

Not sure if that tells you anything about me, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when reflecting on what defines my travels. My trips aren’t fancy luxury splurges and I will pick a homemade meal over a gourmet guide recommended restaurant any day. On the other hand, you will also not find me wielding a knife in the jungle or building a bed out of an olive branch and a fixing pin either. My idea of a perfect vacation would probably be a year-long road trip through America, to give you an idea.

IMG_2225The places I travel to are rarely anywhere near the top of international destination rankings and I try to avoid main season travel, because I think going to a place that doesn’t have its hands full with a bunch of international visitors makes it more authentic. That being said, I have to comply with German school breaks, because when I travel, I have my daughter and my wife with me, both of whom share my love for exploration and discovery. Read “discovery” more as in “insider guide to Disney World” than in “where will we end up if we canoe into this previously uncharted cavern?”.

A word about the blog posts found here: To start the blog off, I have been publishing a number of posts here in spring 2017, although those posts refer to travels made years earlier (dates are given in each post). Some of these had already appeared on other websites that I run, so if something looks familiar, it doesn’t mean it’s not mine. All contents on this blog are mine.

So, this is it. We are in our 40s, we are Germans and we don’t travel like 40-something Germans. I am talking about culinary discoveries here, about family travel and about places worth stopping by in. If you better look elsewhere, I will tell you, too. Oh, and if you spot us someplace, give us a holler. My name is Lars, by the way.

Disclaimer: I make my money in social media marketing and I have worked in travel for a long time, being a travel publisher and travel writer. The travels discussed on this blog mostly have nothing to do with my business and they have not been sponsored or otherwise been promoted unless explicitly disclaimed at the bottom of the respective post.