CFFC: Isolated subjects

I have today come across this blog named Cee’s Photography which features a new photo challenge every week. This week’s challenge is on “Isolated subjects” and when I read that, I immediately remembered this photo I have taken in Eastern Finland.

To throw in some context: Once you leave the beautiful Finnish capital of Helsinki, the scenery grows more isolated with each passing mile. The land here is dotted with hundreds of lakes, many of which are hidden in deep forests. Beyond that landscape, the roads will inevitably end at the rocky shore of the Gulf of Finland, basically because there aren’t too many other places they could lead to. You may chance upon a fisherman or two there, but it’s more likely that you’ll stay alone in the middle of a scenery that has been authored by time and nature.

Isolated subjects Finland

In the short Finnish summers, the city population usually swarms out to spend time in their “mökkis” (which is one of the most beautifully arranged onomatopoetic words I have ever come across, by the way). Those are vacation homes, usually wooden and always located in a scenic setting. To me, these houses, left alone out there in the winter and spring months, are the images that come to mind when I think about Finland, never failing to wake the desire to visit the country again.

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  1. Ah for a mökki in the middle of the woods. Of course immediately scenes from all my Nordic Noir reads flash before the eyes but it still sounds quite lovely and far removed from the bustles of regular life.

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    1. I can just envision you in such a setting, forging words into artwork with a pinfeather in your hand. By the way, I was actually looking for a way to insert the word “twee” here but couldn’t find one 😉

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      1. Tee hee. I do that all the time. Look for ways to use a word I find enchanting. But I have to confess, I do not know what pinfeather is… so please do enlighten me.


      2. I once learned it’s another word for “quill”. Or at least I seem to remember that I learned that. If not, I apologize – hey, it’s a foreign language for me after all 🙂

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      3. Ah yes, quill. I know it alright! I love the idea of a quill in hand, daydreaming and writing in the mökki. No need to apologise. I just keep learning new things everyday and well I just ask when I do not know 🙂

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  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Oh what a gorgeous and peaceful scene. 😀


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