Baltimore, USA

Being only a few miles from Washington DC often leaves only a place in the shadows for Baltimore, at least as far as international travelers are concerned. But those taking a pass on the Maryland metropolis miss out on experiencing a city that is dealing with times of transitions, some going slower, others having been completed. If you are travelling along the eastern US coast with kids, consider Baltimore for a stopover, because there is plenty to see for the little ones here.

Baltimore National Aquarium.jpg

  • Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Traveled there: August 2016
  • Stayed at: Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace

The hotel we stayed at is probably your best choice if you want to leave your car in the garage while in Baltimore, but it of course isn’t the cheapest one in town. Regardless, the area at the Inner Harbor is likely where you will want to spend a lot of time. The area has been upgraded with a lot of money and diligence and now features plazas and wide walkways along the waterfront, restaurants, shops and a number of sport fields. It is, altogether, an area where one can spend a lot of time, watching people and just take in the scenery. The USS Constellation is here, a Civil War era museum ship and a Children’s Museum, which is next door to the historic fisher market.

Our daughter enjoyed the National Aquarium a lot, which is also in the harbor area. There are several large tanks for the animals inside in which you can always spot something new. Apart from the fish and sea creatures, the aquarium convinced us by providing knowledgeable, friendly staff and an overall enjoyable atmosphere.

For me, the highlight of our stay in Baltimore was our visit at Camden Yards, which is within walking distance from the Inner Harbor. The baseball stadium and the complex around it provides a family-friendly environment that can be great fun even if you’re not a baseball fan (which you should be, anyway). If you’re looking to soak in the atmosphere of a baseball game, look no further than Eutaw Street, which runs alongside the stadium and is closed to car traffic. It’s seamed with shops and eateries and generally is a place where people stop to talk, laugh and have a good time. Be aware of homeruns landing in that area, though.

005j DC White House

For day trips from Baltimore, the logical choice is Washington, DC. Going by car will take you a good hour, but there are also train connections that take less than that. Since you will do most of the sightseeing in DC by walking anyway, maybe the rail connection serves you better.

The nation’s capital however, as much of a must-see as it is, should not be your only stopover point when you’re in the area. Baltimore presents itself as a friendly town, offering quite a number of places where you’ll find room to unwind and enjoy – and that, after all, is a quality in itself.


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  1. Great post about Baltimore. I love that aquarium. My office used to be nearby. Another day trip from Baltimore would be Annapolis.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. I missed out on Annapolis unfortunately. But before we got to Baltimore, we had already been to Ocean City and Assateague Island. I will cover that in a separate post soon.


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